PAULÃO SETE CORDAS (Rio de Janeiro, September 29, 1958)

             Created in the neighborhood of Jacarezinho, in the northern part of the city, in a musical family environment, it awakened in the boy Paulo Roberto Pereira de Araújo the fascination with samba and choro. He spent his school holidays near Itaguaí, on the axis of the Rio - Santos highway, where his grandfather, clarinettist and band regent taught him musical theory. In his youth, a self-taught guitarist, he received some lessons from Professor José David Alves, and met musicians who performed on Saturdays on Radio Metropolitana. In the mid-70's, Monarco (who had already sambas for the Unidos do Jacarezinho school), when he saw him play the presented to Nelson Cavaquinho, coming to accompany him in shows for some time.

In 1982, he participated as a guitarist in the show O Que Se Leva de Vida, alongside Cristina Buarque, Elton Medeiros, and musicians Luciana Rabello (cavaquinho), Cristóvão Bastos (piano) and César Faria (guitar). At that time, he began collaborating in the organization of spectacular samba shows at the legendary restaurant Barbas (Nelson Rodrigues Fº, in Botafogo), where Mestre Marçal, Monarco, Zé Ketti, Wilson Moreira and Noca da Portela marched past.

In 1986, for the Japanese market he performed with his 7 string guitar and in the coproduction of the album Velha Guarda da Portela: sweet memory (Nikita Music). Still in the 80's, he began recording (initially as a guitarist) on Zeca Pagodinho's albums and from 1991 also as arranger in some tracks, and later added the functions of assistant production and regency.

Another memorable performance occurred in April 2002, with the brilliant show O Samba É Minha Nobreza (by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho), carried for three months always at noon at Cinema Odeon (Cinelândia), with its musical direction and presence as multi Instrumentalist (guitar, cavaquinho and panela), later edited in double album (Biscoito Fino), with great attractions such as veterans Roberto Silva, Teresa Cristina and youngsters Pedro Miranda and Mariana Bernardes.

In 2006, Paulão, besides participating as a musician, in most of the tracks of the historical CD double Tantinho: memory in green and pink (Independente), signed the musical direction and the arrangements. In 2009, she was surprised to sing samba by. (With Noel Rosa), Divina Dama, Tape My Eyes, in the already mentioned soundtrack (Luis Felipe de Lima, Arto Lindsay) from the film Noel: Poeta da Vila. As a record producer, mention should be made, among others, of the albums by singer Teresa Cristina, solos and with the group Semente (2002/2010), by singers Pedro Miranda (Thing With Thing, 2006), Moyseis Marques , 2009).

Omnipresent in popular Brazilian music, the charismatic (despite the posture posed when it is presented) Paulão Sete Cordas, with much study, full dedication and love for his work, is still due to record a solo album, to delight us with his undeniable talent .

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