LUIS FILIPE DE LIMA (Rio de Janeiro, May 24, 1967)

            Born in the neighborhood of Leblon, where he lives to this day, the only child of the dancer and actress Maria Luiza Splendore and Luís de Lima, a theater man of many facets, born in Lisbon, with international prestige and honorary Carioca. With so much artistic DNA, he began his activities early when, in 1980, he competed for the award for acting actor in Domingos de Oliveira's play, "Family Matters," playing alongside Fernanda Montenegro and Fernando Torres.

In that decade, he participated in several TV Globo novels, such as Partido Alto (by Gloria Perez, Aguinaldo Silva - 1984), playing the son of a gambling banker (Raul Cortez), who discovered in his mandolin his true vocation. He has worked as assistant director of theater with his father on several occasions, acquiring knowledge and experience in this area. In the 90s, with sufficient practice of some musical instruments, the samba was racing in its veins, and began to parade in the block Ipanemense Simpatia é Quase Amor (where later it acted in its organization), besides exhibitions in night clubs of the Lapa and adjacencies.

In 1998, Joãozinho Na Gafieira was recorded by the group Rabo de Lagartixa on a CD with the same name, independent production of musicians Daniela Spielmann (sax) and Marcello Gonçalves (guitar). In 2004, he directed the Lamartiníadas show at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), in honor of the centenary of Lamartine Babo, with Pedro Miranda, Alfredo Del-Penho and Pedro Paulo Malta, as well as participating with the homonymous CD violinist , 2005).

In 2006, the double album Sassaricando was recorded by Biscoito Fino: and Rio invented the Marchinha, a show signed by Rosa Maria Araújo and Sérgio Cabral, with musical production, arrangements and regency by Luis Filipe, with a remarkable cast of performers, in immortal marches (Klécius Caldas, Armando Cavalcanti) with Soraya Ravenle, The Woman of the Milkman (Haroldo Lobo, Milton de Oliveira) with Juliana Diniz, Vai Com Jeito (João Of Barro) with Sabrina Korgut, Tomara Que Chova (Paquito, Romeu Gentil) with Pedro Paulo Malta, Has Nego Bebo There (Mirabeau, Airton Amorim) with Alfredo Del-Penho, Cabelaira do Zezé (João Roberto Kelly, Roberto Faissal) with Eduardo Dusek, Sassaricando (Luiz Antônio, Oldemar Magalhães, Candeias Jota Jr.) with Choir. The following year, as a producer, he showed at the CCBB the peculiar Samba de Breque and Other Bosses show, bringing together four singers who had never met in strings for the syncopated, the gafieira, and the choro: Jards Macalé / Pedro Luis , Leny Andrade / Nei Lopes, Soraya Ravenle / Marcos Sacramento and Verônica Ferriani / Moska. Still in 2007, always accompanied by the "guitar friend", he participated in the documentary O Famoso Aluízio Machado, by Snir Wein (DVD Vira-Lata Filmes), alongside Capoeira (tambourine and cuíca), Marcelinho (cavaquinho), Cabelinho , Components of the Império Serrano School, where he parades in the carnival.

In 2009, the CD Noel: Poeta da Vila (Selo Lua Music), beautiful original soundtrack signed by Luis Filipe de Lima and Arto Lindsay, of the award-winning film directed by Ricardo Van Steen, with incidental themes by Luis Filipe, performed by A selection of notable musicians: Dirceu Leite (Cabaré Apolo), Itamar Assiere (One Year), Roberto Marques (Already Era), Pedro Amorim (Seductress), Maria Teresa Madeira (Chinese View), Nicolas Krassik (Cave Bleu). In the same year, the tireless guitarist produced another excellent album Pimenteira (Independente), for his friend and talented singer Pedro Miranda, adding several arrangements and his "7 chords" in a pleasant musical tour, emphasized by the chula that lends the name to the album Roque Ferreira), Enclosed Case (Eduardo Neves, Alfredo Del-Penho), Image (Wilson das Neves, Trambique), Compadre Bento (Nei Lopes), Letters of Metro (Moyseis Marques), Social Column (Edu Krieger), and others. In 2010, another contemporary pearl appeared with the priceless CD Digital Breque (Rob Digital label), production, musical direction and arrangements of Luis Filipe, again accompanied by his indefectible 7 string guitar, among other musicians, and the vocal talent of Soraya Ravenle and Marcos Sacramento, who presents themselves impeccably in Tem Que Rebolar (José Batista, Magno de Oliveira), Do not Want to Know More Of Her (Sinhô), Piche Doll (Ary Barroso, Luiz Iglésias), Who Is? (Custódio Mesquita, Joracy Camargo), Samba from Nepal (Henrique Cazes "Jota Canalha") and Hague Eagle (Nei Lopes, Luis Filipe de Lima), exquisite performances by the duo Soraya and Sacramento, with the participation of Luis Filipe in Last mentioned.

The following year, repeating the success of five years ago, the idealizers Rosa Maria Araújo and Sérgio Cabral, presented the show É Com That I Go: the samba carnival in the street and in the hall (double CD of Biscoito Fino), with the Producer, arranger and conductor Luis Filipe de Lima, always competent, and interpreters who know the "scratched". Between anthological performances, we quote: Have Pena de Mim (Cyro de Sousa, Babaú) with Pedro Paulo Malta, Oh! His Oscar (Wilson Batista, Ataulfo ​​Alves) with Makley Matos, Lata d'Água (Luiz Antônio, Candeias Jota Jr.) with Lilian Valeska, I Am Now Feliz (Jamelão, Mestre Gato) with Beatriz Faria, Nega Maluca (Evaldo Ruy, Fernando Lobo) with Marcos Sacramento, is Good Stop (Noel Rosa, Rubens Soares) with Soraya Ravenle, For His Government (Haroldo Lobo, Milton Oliveira) with Alfredo Del-Penho, It's With That I'll Go (Pedro Caetano) with everyone. That same year, he participated with the musical direction of the documentary Mulatas: a typhoon in the hips, of Walmor Pamplona, ​​focusing on the interesting story of 13 passers, emblematic characters of our carnival.

In 2014, the first chords of Luis Filipe de Lima's "7 string" magician, alongside Kátia B (voice and guitar), Guilherme Gê (keyboards and voice) and Marcos Suzano (percussion) already foreshadowed the exquisite Samba Noir album Independent), almost intimate, extrapolating genius in tracks such as Chove Lá Fora (Tito Madi), Fowl (Lupicínio Rodrigues), Risque (Ary Barroso) with Egberto Gismonti on piano, Pra Lying (Noel Rosa) with Carlos Malta , Volta (Lupicínio Rodrigues) with Jards Macalé.

There are countless and countless performances by the brilliant and eclectic violinist Luis Filipe, in discs or in shows by major Brazilian cities or abroad as recently as 2015 in the Mozambican capital Maputo, with singer Ana Costa, Thiago da Serrinha And Cláudio Brito, a show sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy and the Ministry of Culture.

In 2016, he repeated the partnership with Pedro Miranda: Samba Original, with the production, arrangements and his guitar, in most notable bands, such as: Santo Amaro (Franklin da Flauta, Luiz Cláudio Ramos, Aldir Blanc), Tomorrow I'll be back (Roberto Martins, Antônio Almeida), Se Passar da Hora (Baiaco, Ventura).

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