BANDEIRA BRASIL (Rio de Janeiro 1950 - May 30, 2013)

            Tireless promoter of our popular culture, with the suggestive Brazilian name Bandeira Bandeira or Alcemir Gomes Bastos, was born in Marechal Hermes, created in Pilares, a family of musical traditions (the father of the cavaquinista, and the integral mother of the ward of the Bahia of Portela), Arriving to parade, still child by the school of samba Caprichosos de Pilares. It was in the Cacique de Ramos block that everything began, when he presented himself as a composer, with the Fundo de Quintal recording the samba Ópio (with Cléber Augusto) on the album Divina Luz (RGE, 1985), Jovelina Pérola Negra released Feira de São Cristóvão (RGE, 1987), and Jorginho do Império played Oi Quebra Coco (with Cléber Augusto), featured on the album Jorginho do Império (RGE, 1987). Started in the 80s, in the Botafogo neighborhood, its prestigious samba wheels were very successful (photo in Boteco Fala Sério, August / 2010).

In 2003, he released his solo solo album A Cor do Samba (independent production), in which he included samba singers such as Carioca da Gema, Paisaje, and in partnership Romance dos Astros (Luiz Carlos da Vila, Cléber Augusto), as well as special Beth Carvalhoem Lover of Truth (Nelson Cavaquinho, Ratinho), Monarcoem Tribute (Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz), Arlindo Cruzem Peixinho (Arlindo Cruz, Wilson Moreira) and the late Renatinho Partideiro in Tamarineira (Zeca Pagodinho). In 2005, alongside Luiz Carlos da Vila and Wanderlei Monteiro, he held an applauded show at SESC Pompéia / SP. In that same year, Bandeira participated in the historic CD Samba do Trabalhador - Renascença "Samba" Clube (Lua Music label) - that revealed new talents like Gabriel Cavalcante and Renato Milagres - singing the author Tears of Fire (... these tears that burn my Face / are those tears that roll with disgust ...). In 2006, he started the free Samba Bonde project to rescue the old street carnivals, when "confetti battles" took place on streetcars (I say, I scream / the driver has the goat face). In the contemporary version, in the tracks of Santa Teresa, Dorina, Efson, Ivan Milanez, Nelson Sargento, Wilson Moreira, and others participated. In 2012, the Samba Procession was idealized by the Samba Procession during the pre-carnival period (from October to December), left in courtship in different neighborhoods of the city (Oswaldo Cruz, Tijuca, Bangu, Madureira) that counted with participations of countless wagons such as Noca da Portela, Fred Camacho, Marquinhos Sathan, Backyard Fund, Leci Brandao, Aloísio Machado. Member of the Portela composers' wing, Bandeira Brasil signed other great sambas, in partnerships: "13 de Maio" (Luiz Carlos da Vila), "As Crianças do Mundo" (Serginho Procópio), "À Vera" (Bidubi, Luisinho Toblow , "Nega Dadivosa" (Luis Cláudio Picolé and Serginho Procópio), "Novo Quilombos" (Mouse), "Perfeita Harmonia" (Almir Guineto, Bidubi). His work also received the interpretation of samba artists such as Dudu Nobre, Elza Soares, Ernesto Pires, Gabrielzinho do Irajá, Leci Brandão, Luiz Carlos da Vila, Marquinhos Sathan, Neguinho da Beija-Flor, Old Mangueira Guard, Zeca Pagodinho, and many more. When he died prematurely, his heart "green-yellow-blue" stopped beating, bringing sadness and longing for our, who love the samba. SAVE BANDEIRA BRASIL!

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