ATAULPHO JR. (Rio de Janeiro, August 5, 1943)

            The youngest child of the great composer Ataulfo Alves, raised in the Méier neighborhood, the young Ataulpho Alves de Souza Júnior in 1958, began to help his father in the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC), in his fight for the defense of copyright. When perceiving talent and the good voice of the son, in the early 60's, the two began to work together in several shows in Brazil. In 1963, taken by his father, Ataulpho Jr. performed in the program Bossaudade, by Elizeth Cardoso, at the TV Record Theater. With the death of the patriarch, in 1969, followed with determination his career recording then, invited by the composer Fernando Lobo (that suggested the title), the debut LP The Heir To Me (Polydor), demonstrating personality in its style of interpretation, Included from the repertoire of others Yes or No (Cícero Nunes), Enga de Brigas (Jaime Florence, Augusto Mesquita) or master Ataulfo's hits, like "Laranja Madura" e "Leva Meu Samba".

In 1973, after releasing for RCA Victor a simple compact, he recorded the album Ataulfo ​​Alves Júnior, with highlights, among others: End of Carnival (Leci Brandão), My Children's Time (Ataulfo ​​Alves), Infidelity (Ataulfo ​​Alves, Américo Seixas) , Happiness In Mangueira (coauthor Adelino Alves). He recorded new hits with LP Ataulpho Jr: Emoções Fortes (WEA, 1979), when he interpreted "Vovó Tem Razão" (Dida, Dedé da Portela), "Olha Essa Maré" (Wilson Moreira, Nei Lopes), " "(Rildo Hora, Sérgio Cabral)," Caramba "(Gracia do Salgueiro). In 1984, the show Leva Meu Samba: Ataulfo ​​Alves (CD Eldorado) classics, with Ataulfo ​​Jr. & Elizeth Cardoso performing "Ó Seu Oscar" (Wilson Batista's partnership) was recorded live at the Teatro SESC- Pompéia / SP. , "Errei Sim" and "Saudade Dela" (Elizeth's solos), "Lilies of the Field" (with Peterpan) and "Vai, Mas Vai Mesmo" (Ataulfo ​​Jr. solos), among other attractions.

In the 1990s, he toured Europe (Portugal and Spain) and presented the CD Exclusivo do Povo (RGE, 1995), compositions of his own and the repertoire of others: "My Guide" and "Sorcery" (partnerships with Mário Lago Filho) "Dois Corações" (by Gilson and Carlos Colla), "Cadê A Festa" (with Délcio Carvalho), "Me Espelho No Melhor" (with Toninho Branco) and the track that gives the name to the album (with Hélio Matheus). At the celebration of the centenary of Ataulfo ​​Alves, he encouraged and participated (indicating important artists and musicians, making available the personal photographic collection) of the comprehensive project published in a double album by the Lua Music label (2009), as well as recording the song "Solitário" Brother, Adeílio Alves, the samba "Nunca Mais".

In 2014, when he paid tribute to the late master and father, he released the CD Amor Amor (Choro Music label), accompanied by the Regional Imperial, with ten beautiful compositions by Ataulfo ​​Alves, including the title track, "Bohemia" J. Pereira), "I Do not Know Goodbye" (with Wilson Batista), "Talento não tem idade." Voice tuned, in the right rhythm, diversified repertoire, living memory of the father with whom he learned everything and does not get tired of saying with much pride, is to always listen to Ataulpho Júnior!

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