LUIZ GRANDE (Rio de Janeiro, July 26, 1946 - July 27, 2017)

            Luiz Alberto Chavão de Oliveira was born in Copacabana, where his mother worked as a domestic. In the late 60's, he began to participate in carnival blocks and the Samba School Imperatriz Leopoldinense.

In 1974, he made his debut in the music market when he played Xô Gafanhoto (co-authored by Ivan Carlos and Rubens da Mangueira) in the LP Samba É Isso Aí, Gente Boa! (Okeh seal, CBS). Still in the 70's, he recorded his own I'm Not Molambo - LP Olé of the Alto Party, Vol 2, 1976, Tapecar, Sururu No Bate Bufo - LP Olé of the Alto Party, Vol 3, 1977, Tapecar, LP The Bambas of the Alto Party, 1978, Som Livre (these with Joãozinho da Pecadora), They released the Bug and if I did not get it (If I did not / and did not send me my beard grew / because I was not able / Cold ...) - LP Party on 5, Vol. 3, 1977, Tapecar, My Moral and Samba Duro - LP Party on 6, 1979, Premier, RGE. The career of composer became definitive, when João Nogueira began to launch, with expressive success, sambas like Maria Rita, of 1978 (... therefore, I need to know what his whereabouts / well before the month of February arrives / Without her, for me, will not have carnival), The Force of Samba (1980), In Boca do Mato (1984), among others. As an author interpreter, along with other notables such as Aluizio Machado, Dauro do Salgueiro, Jair do Cavaquinho, Jurandir da Mangueira, Niltinho Tristeza, also brightened the admirable CD The Boys of Rio (Caravelas, Carioca Discos, 2001), giving his message In Maria Rita and Talent and Sacrifice.

In 2003, he recorded with the partners Barbeirinho do Jacarezinho and Marcos Diniz the fun CD Trio Calafrio (Rob Digital, Carioca Discos), a parade of irreverent, malicious, critical sambas, loaded with slang, like in Marra, Little Import The Lock, SpongeBob, Will Find My Banjo, Carquejo, At the Time That Belly Ronca, Maria Alice (those signed by the trio), delicious suburban chronicles and their characters in a big carioca party. Already in 2005, he debuted in a solo album (Candongueiro label), in which he sings, with every verve of an authentic samba singer, new compositions such as If His Nega Was, Pimba na Pitomba, Amor Virtual. I will be in a low mood / because in modernity I will find / a virtual love), Love of Two Years, and more. Among other important interpreters of his work, it is worth mentioning: Almir Guineto, Arlindo Cruz, Beth Carvalho, Bezerra da Silva, Dedé da Portela, Dudu Nobre, Elza Soares, Emílio Santiago, Ernesto Pires, Pedrinho Rodrigues, Simone Lial, Zeca Pagodinho. In November 2011, Luiz Grande participated in the Bola Preta Cultural Center (photo) of the celebration of the 70 years of the partner and longing friend João Nogueira.

In 2015, he was honored in São Paulo for his 50 years of artistic career, performing in some samba houses. Let's applaud and enjoy the bamba Luiz Grande, a notorious partideiro.

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