LUIZA DIONIZIO (Rio de Janeiro, December 8, 1963)

            The samba was born in your heart in the day of Our Lady of the Conception, in the suburb of Vila da Penha. With such protection, he began to watch and admire in the years of 1980, the famous samba wheels of Tia Doca in Oswaldo Cruz, and of Arlindo Cruz in Cascadura. Already in 1999, invited by singer Dorina, she participated in the Ginga show, with composer and guitarist João de Aquino, at the Teatro Rival and later at Villa-Lobos in Copacabana.

In 2005, in the trendy CD Renascença Clube: Samba do Trabalhador (label Lua Music), he played the beautiful Conceição da Praia (by Luiz Carlos Máximo). In duo with Ernesto Pires he recorded for the CD O Rato Sai da Toca (Independente, 2007) the samba Voltei Para A Portela (Ratinho), previously awarded at the school's Samba Festival of Terreiro. Finally, in 2009, his exceptional CD Devoção (Universal Music) was launched, exciting from start to finish, a parade of pearls such as: Thinking Well (Wanderley Monteiro, Nelson Rufino), Alma (Wilson Moreira), Jardim das Oliveiras (Luís Carlos da Vila), Antes Vento (Clóvis Beznos, Elton Medeiros), Wool Arms (Luiz Carlos da Vila), Antes Délcio Carvalho). One of the best samba albums of recent times, reveals an enlightened singer, refined voice, fine tuned and of extreme good taste in the choice of repertoire. Pure emotion!

With the crowded Teatro Rival Petrobrás, he was present the following year of a memorable show Come That the Empire Te Leva ... (photo), which was attended by Moacyr Luz, Jorginho do Império, Zé Renato, Jongo da Serrinha, da Velha Guarda Show, among others. In 2014, he participated in the DVD Samba Social Club, live Vol. 6 - a tribute to Chico Buarque (Universal Music), when he played Novo Amor (Chico Buarque), as well as recordings by Zeca Pagodinho, Beth Carvalho, Neguinho da Beija-Flor , And so many other wobbles. Luiza Dionizio is always active in concerts and events in the districts of Madureira, Oswaldo Cruz, Jacarepaguá, Tijuca, in nightclubs in Lapa and surroundings (Scenarium River, Pedra do Sal, Carioca da Gema, Fundição Progresso, Trapiche Gamboa). BNDES, Sesc Ginástico, Centro Cultural Carioca), in Rio de Janeiro, such as Niterói, Maricá, Cabo Frio, and also in Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, São Paulo, Brasilia.

At the moment, she is involved in the conclusion of her collective financing project Luiza Dionizio Canta Arlindo Cruz. We are cheering and participating!

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