LENY ANDRADE (Rio de Janeiro, January 25, 1943)

            After participating in the Clube do Guri program at Rádio Tupi / RJ, Leny Andrade de Lima encouraged by her mother studied piano, and achieved a classical training diploma at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music. In 1958, he began his artistic career as a crooner of the Permínio Gonçalves orchestra, one of the most requested in dances of the time. He then performed at nightclubs, notably at the Baccarat nightclub, at the legendary Beco das Garrafas in Copacabana.

In 1961, Leny Andrade recorded (RCA Victor) his first LP The Sensation, whose title lived up to its interpretations, with mixtures of samba and jazz. In the irreplaceable repertoire: Samba of One Note Only (Tom Jobim, Newton Mendonça), Amor e A Rosa (Pernambuco, Antonio Maria), Recita To Forget (Durval Ferreira). Still in the 60's, he has always successfully launched: Leny Andrade's Greatest Art (Polydor, 1963), with arrangements by the late pianist Tenório Jr: Samba do Avião (Tom Jobim), Consolação (Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes) (Durval Ferreira, Luis Fernando Freire), Influence of Jazz (Carlos Lyra); The brilliant We Are There (Odeon, 1965), of magisterial readings for The Answer (Marcos Valle, Paulo Sérgio Valle), pot-pourri with emblematic sambas of a time of protests: Leaves Morro Cantar (Tito Madi), Morro Não Tem (Zé Ketti), While Sadness Does not Come (Sérgio Ricardo), Reza (Edu Lobo, Ruy Guerra); Gemini V: Porte 73, with Pery Ribeiro and Bossa 3 (Odeon, 1965), integrated with artistic direction by Miele & Bôscoli.

Between 1966 and 1972, he lived in Mexico City, where he performed with the group already mentioned the Gemini V show, in the bustling Zona Rosa. Still in the 70's, it is worth noting the recordings of Alvoroço (Odeon, 1973), in an eclectic and innovative repertoire:. Milton Nascimento), Partido Rico (João Nogueira, Paulo César Pinheiro); Leny Andrade (Odeon, 1975): the fully pure samba: Antes Assim (Wilson Moreira), Tabuleiro (João de Aquino, José Márcio), Dead Leaf (Ary Barroso); Record (Columbia, 1979): Leny Andrade sings and enchants: I Love You You Love Me (Durval Ferreira), Vai de Vez (Roberto Menescal, Lula Freire), Homage To João Gilberto: From Conversation In Conversation (Lucio Alves, Haroldo Barbosa ) / Tim Tim by Tim Tim (Portinho, W. Falcão) / I Want a Samba (Haroldo Barbosa, Janet de Almeida).

In the 1980s, he split between Brazil and the United States, where he recorded records, performed in several cities, including New York in the legendary Blue Note, considered the temple of American jazz. On the label Pointer, he released two self-titled albums Leny Andrade, always with his magnificent voice and beautiful songs: Flor de Lis (Djavan), Changing in Kids (Francis Hime, Chico Buarque), The Business Is Loving (Dolores Dura, Carlos Lyra) Of 1984, and Dindi (Tom Jobim, Aloísio de Oliveira), Plot of My Samba (Yvone Lara, Jorge Aragão), Vai Passar (Francis Hime, Chico Buarque), those of 1985.

In 1992, the label Velas published the historical Leny Andrade Interpreta Cartola, accompanied to the piano by Gilson Peranzzetta (commemorating the 80 years of the late maestro, released in 1987) and, in 1994, Luz Negra: Nelson Cavaquinho by Leny Andrade. Leny Andrade, in perfect harmony with the pianist Cristóvão Bastos, recorded in an intimate atmosphere: Vivo Sonhando, Este Seu Olhar, Ligia, Forget You. In another anthological CD, for the series Letra y Música: Antonio Carlos Jobim (Lumiar Discos, 1995). In honoring his favorite composers and friends, he added two more precious volumes in his expressive discography: Leny Andrade Canta Altay Veloso (Paradoxx, 2000) and I Want The Song Be You (Albatroz, 2001), with songs by Ronaldo Bôscoli. For the seal Biscoito Fino, another beautiful launch took place in 2006: Leny Andrade & Romero Lubambo: Arpoador Moon. The following year, he shared with the pianist César Camargo Mariano the Latin Grammy Award for Best Brazilian Popular Music Album (recorded live at Teatro Guaira, in Curitiba, Albatroz label), with highlights for Tristeza dos Nós Dois (Durval Ferreira, Maurício Einhorn , Bebeto), The Island (Djavan), The Color of Sin (Bororó), Carinhoso (Pixinguinha, João de Barro), and others. Tireless, Leny Andrade released Alma Mía (label Fina Flor, 2010), interpretations of beautiful boleros such as Sabra Dios (Alvaro Carrillo), Vete de Mi (Virgilio Expósito, Homero Exposito), Us (Pedro Junco), Levéla (Armando Manzanero).

In 2013, he chose Roberto Carlos's repertoire: The King's Songs (Albatroz label), for Spanish versions. The following year, he recorded the CD Iluminados: Leny Andrade Canta Ivan Lins & Vítor Martins (independent production), in great form he traveled for important collection of the pair, in the years 70/90. The eclectic style of Leny Andrade, an educated, technical and heart-to-hand voice singer, creative in her internationally known improvisation capacity, is among the definitive big names of our popular music.

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