JOYCE CÂNDIDO (Assis / SP, January 2, 1983)

            The grandparents, of Portuguese origin (from the beautiful region of Serra da Estrela), met in Brazil, marrying in the interior of São Paulo. The parents, born in Quitana (Dona Maria de Lourdes, teacher) and Assis (Seu Cícero, electrician), had three daughters involved in a musical environment, and Joyce Cândido da Costa, raised in the small Maracaí, received her initial lessons Piano at the age of seven. Then he began to sing at parties, weddings and choirs. Later, he studied at the Carlos Gomes Conservatory in Marília (SP), graduating in 2000.

He then graduated in Music in the city of Londrina (PR), sang in the night, made musical theater and recorded his first CD Panapaná (production João Vidotti, 2006), including works as Popular Dictator (It is common, nowadays / A lot of people feel / unfortunately want to cry / depression is a modern disease / it's an evil that many times / we can not avoid ...) and Jasmine (The butterfly still so young / learning to fly / talked to daisy, Your friend: / - I never get tired, I'll search ...), with only local distribution. His main influences were the choros of Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth, the compositions of Noel Rosa, Cartola, Chico Buarque and the singing of Elis Regina, Maria Bethânia, Clara Nunes. When traveling, then to New York, he perfected in singing, dancing and theater, on Broadway. Because of her dedication to her work, she received the Brazilian International Press Awards in 2011 in the category of "Best Brazilian singer in the United States".

Back in Brazil, he came to live in Rio de Janeiro, launching in the same year a great album, O Bom e Velho Samba Novo (Biscoito Fino label), surrounded by an irreproachable repertoire of consecrated authors and new talents such as Noel Rosa, Vadico), Leave the Girl (Chico Buarque), Pure Beauty (Cláudio Jorge, Luiz Carlos da Vila), Ce Pó Pará (Ana Costa, Fred Camacho, Alceu Maia), Humilhação (Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, Guilherme Sá), Dengo Celso Lima, Sérgio Cruz, Nilton Barros), Rules of the Game (João Vidotti). With all this success, came the continuation of the previous album, this time recorded live (Warner label, 2013), special guest appearances by João Bosco in The Ranch of Goiabada (João Bosco, Aldir Blanc), Toninho Geraes in Giramundo (Toninho Geraes , Toninho Nascimento), Guilherme Sá in Mar A Fora (Guilherme Sá, Alipio Carmo), plus the classics Run And Look at the Sky (Cartola, Dalmo Castello), Saudosa Maloca (Adoniran Barbosa) and the author Sunset Arpoador sunsets / my new life / the melancholy and the beauty of seeing / one more day ...), among other pearls. With expressive musical baggage, in a short space of time, the singer has been presenting several shows in carioca stages and tournées by Portugal, Spain, Italy. In 2016, his schedule of international shows counted, from May to June of 2016, in Budapest (Budapest Jazz Club), Prague (Jazz Doc), Cannes (Le Grand Hotel), Cologne (Festival Brasilonia).

From the brand new generation, multitalented artist, harmonious rhythm and beautiful voice, pleases everyone, Greeks and Trojans, deserving praise from personalities of music and theater, such as Alceu Maia (In the world of samba, here comes the sudden talent And a charismatic artist, who knows what she does, breathe music, exude art, veteran security, beginner's voluptuousness Joyce Cândido comes in without hurry to get in, singing, playing, dancing ... finally, charming) and Bibi Ferreira (What a pleasure to work with those who know their trade, talk seriously and understand what they are doing.) What a pleasure to meet Joyce Cândido. Girl and came to stay And be great. Congratulations, Joyce Cândido!

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