IVAN MILANEZ (Rio de Janeiro, February 25, 1946)

            He was born in the Pro Matre hospital in Gamboa and was raised on the hill of Serrinha by his mother Maria da Conceição Milanez "Dona Pretinha" (seamstress of wings) and Uncle Joaquim José Simplício "Mestre Dinho" (one of the first drum directors) , Anthological figures of his beloved school: Serrano Empire. While still a child, he played in the "block of tin" with the gang of the neighborhood, and then participated in a roda, where he learned the samba and party-high malice with Mano Décio, Yvone Lara and Mestre Fuleiro. It began to parade around the 18 years, later by the wing of the battery (The Symphony of the Samba) and of the composers.

In 1984, when he participated in a traditional festival of popular music, in Ibiza, Spain, he met the composer, singer and guitarist Rogério Bicudo (Brazilian resident in Amsterdam). Ivan Milanez was responsible for the resurgence of samba in Lapa in the 90s, and godfather of the groups Galocantô and Samba da Amendoeira, both already definitive in the history of our popular music. From 2000, the Old Guard of the Império Serrano School was rescued through presentations and shows, led by Zé Luiz and Wilson das Neves, with the participation of Ivan Milanez, Aloísio Machado, among others.

In 2006, the impressive Império Serrano CD was released: an Old Guard show (Biscoito Fino label), with an interpretation by Ivan Milanez in Não Me Perguntes (Mestre Fuleiro, Yvone Lara), as well as participations in other masterpieces such as O Poet and Nature (Osório Lima, Mano Décio), Bálsamo da Paz (Osório Lima), Serra dos Mis Suehos (Carlinhos Bem-te-vi), Obsession (Osório Lima, Mano Décio), Side of Toninho Fuleiro, Zé Luiz, Fabrício, among others. Special guest by the São Paulo group Enimigos do Batente, in 2008, Milanez showed all his art in a well-known samba roda held at Clube Anhanguera, in the Bom Retiro neighborhood, central region of the city.

In 2009, the sambista was developing his project Quintal do Milanez, presented fortnightly in a sympathetic sports court of Oswaldo Cruz, with the participation of young and talented instrumentalists, commanded by him (great singer), as well as special participation. On that occasion, the Cachaça Confraternity of Copo Furado / RJ, which also celebrates samba (photo), was present in large numbers, sambando and singing in the night. With the aforementioned Rogério Bicudo, Milanez made a series of admirable shows during the Brazilian season of the partner between 2009 and 2010. The following year, he participated as a rhythm player of the Carnival event of Rio de Janeiro in San Luis (province located in the center-west of Argentina), being already considered one of the great carnivals promoted outside Brazil.

Finally, in 2012, he released his first solo CD Ivan Milanez: Maneiro (independent production), with special appearances by Zeca Pagodinho in Lavradio 106 (by Rogério Bicudo, Ricardo Fialho), Moyseis Marques in Lapa In 3 Tempos (by Ary do Cavaco, Ruben de Souza), Ana Costa in A Lapa (of Herivelto Martins, Benedito Lacerda) and other works, and included six of his great compositions: Opposite Side (with Wanderley Monteiro), Primavera (with Joel Luiz, Mauro do Cavaco), Embalagem No Mar (with Dinoel Sampaio), Negro Congo Tia Guelé (with Brazil Flag), Boiadeiro Novisala (with Edimar Guiã), Maneiro (with Cisinho, MC Colibri). As a composer, Sinbá Maria (with Jairo) was also recorded by Silas de Andrade (1986), Sinhá de Minas (with Adilson Bispo) by Pedrinho da Flor (1987), Dinoel Sampaio by Luis Sacopã (1989) , Sabores da Bahia (with Naldo da Bahia and Maurício Titman) by Canto da Boca (1996), Cem da Silva (with Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz and Edmar) by the Raça Group (1996), Maria Lavadeira (with Bandeira Brasil) by singer Célia Silva (2011), Gold and Treasure (with Xande de Pilares and Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz) by the last mentioned (2014), Cubanita (with Antonio Amaral), by Gallotti and Milanez (2015).

Of privileged voice, rhythmic by the beats of his heart that knows everything of samba, it is necessary to speak and listen more to the multi-talented Ivan Milanez.

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