GRUPO FUNDO DE QUINTAL (Rio de Janeiro, 1980)

            In the 70's, the traditional carnival group Cacique de Ramos held the historic Pagode da Tamarineira on Wednesdays in its block on Rua Uranos, bringing together interpreters and composers, who would come to write their names in the history of our samba, such as Luiz Carlos The Village, Zeca Pagodinho, Emílio Santiago, among others. In 1978, the singer Beth Carvalho enthusiastic about the talent of her participants, besides including the samba Vou Festejar (Jorge Aragão, Neoci Dias, Dida), invited the brothers Bira "Presidente" and Ubirany (from one of the founding families of the 1961), and others, to participate in the so-called "kitchen staff" in the anthological album "Standing On The Ground" (RCA, BMG).

Soon after, in 1980, already known as Grupo Fundo de Quintal, the excellent album Samba É No Fundo do Quintal (RGE, Som Livre), with his first formation: Bira, Ubirany, Jorge Aragão, Sereno, Almir Guineto, Neoci and Nemézio, when they included pearls such as Lucky Tour (Almir, Luverci Ernesto), Gamação Danada (Almir, Neguinho da Beija-Flor), Bar da Esquina (Jorge Aragão, Jotabê), Voltar A Paz (Sereno) and provoked a Instrumental sonority with tantã, banjo, hand ring and harmonies more worked.

The following year, with the title Grupo Fundo De Quintal (RGE, Som Livre), the inclusion of Arlindo Cruz and Umbrinha, Jorge Aragão, Almir Guineto (for solo careers) and Nemézio, the success continued: Sweet Refuge (Luiz Carlos da Vila), Amarguras (Zeca Pagodinho, Cláudio Santos), Best for Two (Arlindo Cruz), Bribery (Serene, Umbrella). With the death of the composer Neoci, in 1983, the third LP In the Pagodes of the Life (RGE) brought the inclusion of Cleber Augusto, the emblematic samba Caciqueando (Noca of Portela), the party-high Encrespou The Sea Clementina (Walmir Lima, Roque Ferreira), the pearl of My Samba (Yvone Lara, Jorge Aragão) and Our Roots (Umbrella, Mouse). The years went by, the group underwent other modifications, keeping the flame of tradition, with 27 career albums released under the tutelage of the President Band (tambourine), accompanied by Sereno (tantã) and Ubirany (hand ring), the trio Pioneer of the Yard Fund.

In 2015, the last CD Só Felicidade (Radar Records), with Ronaldinho (banjo), Ademir Batera (drums) and the return of Mário Sérgio (cavaquinho), was released the following year. In the repertoire, it should be mentioned, among others: Today Has Festa (Mário Sérgio, Bandeira Brasil), Forget the Time (Pretinho da Serrinha, Almir Guineto, Fred Camacho), Pra Le Que Tomorrow (Claudemir, André Renato, Marquinhos Índio ).

And to the happiness of all of us, lovers of samba, the album was awarded the Latin Grammy, in the specific category of Brazilian music, as best samba / pagode album. So, let's celebrate and sing: ... since you're so happy, give a shout / loose the laughter, do not disguise / since you're so happy, party / fall in samba, extravasa! Only Happiness (André Renato, Sereno).

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