FRED CAMACHO (Rio de Janeiro, September 9, 1977)

            Created in Tijuca, Frederico Fagundes Fernandes Camacho, following his mother's profession, graduated in Advocacy. But, his "business" was really the samba. At the age of 13, he had climbed the hill of Salgueiro to play the tambourine, coming to meet the brothers Almir Guineto (his future partner) and Louro, an unforgettable drum master of the school, at that time. With his talent, in 1993, Fred started to play cavaquinho in the sound car, and later to parade in the battery wing of Acadêmicos do Salgueiro.

In 2003, his first compositions recorded "Meu Partido" (co-authored by André Rocha and Márcio Vanderlei) by the group Fundo de Quintal, Presente de Deus (with Alceu Maia) by the group Roda de Saia and Beth Carvalho, Te Vejo Passar (with Almir Guineto and Márcio Vanderlei) by Dorina and Vem Sambar (would seem of Agrião) by the group Wheel of Skirt. In the following year, he sang, played the banjo and cavaquinho, in the recording of CD Daqui, Dali E de There (Fina Flor, Rob Digital), in sambas notables like Cabô Meu Pai (Moacyr Luz, Aldir Blanc, Luiz Carlos da Vila), the title track (Serginho Meriti, Bira da Vila) and Pra Parar de Chover (Sombrinha, Franco) .

Finally, in 2011, the first solo album Fred Camacho (samba Bolacha) appeared, where it shines in irreproachable repertoire sambas, such as: In Search of Luck (I did not stop to believe / in tracing my destiny / samba was to take me / (When we talk / and try to understand / love will find / a place to be reborn ...), Our Story (co-author of Cassiano Andrade), Pro Nuestro Mundo (With Arrindo Cruz) in a special participation, Salto (with Acir Marques and Dudu Nobre), Dudu Nobre's participation, What Love Makes Me (with Rogê and Marcelinho Moreira), Who I Am (with Cassiano Andrade), and Lens of Contact (of Zeca Pagodinho, Wanderson Martins and Jorge Simas) participation of Zeca Pagodinho, among others. A masterpiece dedicated to Lourival de Sousa Serra, the aforementioned master Louro (who "always encouraged him and gave him a way to walk in the samba"), and special thanks to Almir Guineto ("with whom he learned everything and his greatest inspiration" ).

As a composer, Fred Camacho had his work also performed by Alcione, Galocantô, Léo Russo, Maria Rita, Marquinhos Sathan, Mart'nália, Zeca Pagodinho, Zélia Duncan and many others. Save Fred Camacho! A great human being, lyrical samba poet, who carries happy in heart!

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