FLÁVIO MIRANDA (Campos dos Goytacazes / RJ, January 8, 1943)

            Of family that likes parties, simple and of seven brothers, he was graced by the gift of music. At the age of 15, he participated in the inaugural parade of Amigos da Farra (already as a samba school founded in 1957 by Demerval and other comrades). In 1962, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, moving to the legendary Rua Alice, in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras. With the purpose of accompanying Demerval (already known as Roberto Ribeiro), in his artistic career, in 1973, he formed the Family Group, with brothers Aderval (reco-reco, ganzá) and Norival Miranda (tamborim), Daniel Jr. Bass), Ivan Milanez (pandeiro), Jorge Conceição (guitar), Mauro Ferreira (cavaquinho) and Urbano Santos (deaf).

In 1978, with this formation, the group participated in a historical show of the Pixinguinha Project, with Yvone Lara and Roberto Ribeiro, presented at the Teatro Dulcina in Cinelândia, with impeccable repertoire, including the sambas Amor de Verdade (Flávio Moreira, Liette de Souza) Propaganda (Jorge Lucas), Star of Madureira (Acyr Pimentel, Cardoso), Leave Me Alone (Monstoto, Airton Amorim), I Know It's Cowardice, Shoot the First Stone (those of Ataulfo ​​Alves with Claudionor Cruz and Mario Lago respectively) . Quite applauded, the show continued to travel to São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Belém.

Between 1977 and 1979, he acted as one of the samba-plotters of the traditional Escola Imperio Serrano, where the famous brother was the official interpreter. Completely involved in the samba environment, Flávio Miranda wisely decided to follow solo singer career, when he released in 1982, the simple compact (Fama label), when he paraded the Suede Heart samba (Juanes Santos partnerships) and O Mar "Vem" (Ubirajara Cardoso, Alcir Mendes, Ary Mendes). Followed the CPS (Independence, without date record), in co-authored by Juanes Santos: Care Attention Driver (with Cardoso, Tião Marangá) and Pretensions. Miranda was still an official interpreter of the São Clemente Samba School (between 1981 and 1983). In 1985, in new CPS (seal Top Tape) interpreted and signed sambas Lamentas and Caprichos, with Juanes Santos, Wilson Medeiros.

In 1988, Flávio Miranda presented new album Quem Plantou Colheu (Polysom ​​label), between classics like Tribute to the Old Guard (Toninho Nascimento, Rodolfo da Vila), Nosso Segredo (Arlindo Cruz, Neoci, Dedé da Portela) Family in Tô Tired of Being Deceived (coautoria of Juanes Santos) and the aforementioned partner in Louca Inspiração. The tireless Flávio Miranda also performed shows with the Family Group in South American countries and was present in the composers' wing of Portela from 1981 to 1996, when he competed for several sambas of plot.

In 2012, he recorded the Sweet Smell CD, which highlights the creative side composer, in pearls such as: Universo do Corpo Dourado do Sol, Corpo em Luz, Louca (those with Juanes Santos), Imperia Dignidade - Tribute to Roberto Ribeiro, Sweet (these in partnership with Gil Velloso). In his last work, he released the album Cordilheiras (DRS Produções), including the already mentioned samba Lamentas, and the pot-pourri Amar Como Eu Te Amo / Só Chora Quem Ama / Resto de Esperança (Pedro Antônio / Wilson Moreira, Nei Lopes / Jorge Aragão, Neoci and Dedé da Portela), with the presence of Roberto Ribeiro and the Family Group, respectively, as well as the romantic title track (co-authored by Gil Veloso and Franco Xavier), the presence of young talented Léo Russo. Among other precious things, it is worth mentioning from the repertoire of Volta Pro Aconchego (Dominguinhos, Nando Cordel), Rua Na Chuva e Fazenda (Hyldon).

The photo records the excellent and applauded CD Cordilheiras promotion show, held at the Centro de Referência Carioca Artur da Távola / Tijuca, in September 2015. Flávio Miranda with his pleasant voice to be heard, cadenced, rhythmic, with pleasure In what it does, it stands out, in times of false values, when it is opportune to remember the master Nelson Sargento: Samba agonizes, but does not die / Someone always helps you ... Congratulations, Flávio Miranda !!!

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