EFSON (Rio de Janeiro, December 18, 1944 - São Gonçalo / RJ, November 5, 2014)

            Edison Ferreira was born on the hill of Caixa D'Água, in Jacarepaguá, in the middle of the traditional samba family. Then he moved to the Monkeys' Hill in Vila Isabel. In the 60's, he acted as a crooner at nightclubs in Copacabana, then went on to attend the Cacique de Ramos block and then joined the composers' wing of Portela.

In 1974, when he played Sanfona No Samba and O Carambê (both of which he wrote), he made his debut in the music business with LP Alto da Fina Flor (CBS label), alongside other samba artists such as Padeirinho, Dedé da Portela and Babaú da Hose. Her early successes were Firme E Forte (with Nei Lopes) and Brilha Pra mim (with Odibar), recorded by Beth Carvalho (1983) and Jorge Aragão (1988), respectively.

In 1997, its composition Today Is A Day of Feast (today is a day of celebration / in all the terreiros / heard, Maria? / Today is All Saints' Day / Good morning to wonder / the leather is eating / that time too In Sinhá's house / even snake must be smoking / my people there ...) deserved the title for a great album played by Zeca Pagodinho (on Polygram label). He was a frequent participant in Rio's famous samba rhythms (such as that of the Renascença Clube, always very much applauded), participated in the historical CD Zeca Presents Quintal do Pagodinho (Universal Music, 2001), playing Carreiro Sanfoneiro (partnership with Nei Lopes).

In 2008, Efson released his first solo album Negro Yes Senhor (independent label), including his own Black Yes Lord (with Marquinho PQD and Franco), Acidental, Cçamba, Pra Rezar (the ones with Odibar), and others. In December 2010, the longtime friend was present at the former Rival Petrobrás Theater Bar, before the Samba Pre-Reveillon show, led by singer Dorina, when the photo was taken.

In 2014, Efson affirmed himself as an interpreter and composer of the first line of the current samba, when presenting the CD For Greeks and Trojans (independent production), with great songs all copyrighted as: Love Traíra, Well I Would Like, Love At First Sight The one with Paulinho Rezende), Culpa (with Odibar), Pra Quem Sonhou (with Nelson Rufino), the romantic De Novo (with Odibar). As a composer, he also signed, among others: Agua de Poço, Ah If I Could, Love That Haunts Me, Love Rolls In Bed, Thing, Again, I Go To Olinda, Sweet Lemon, My Xingu, Cherub, Sonho Infantil (those with Odibar, his most constant partner), Made Peanut, Fire in the Tacho, Stage (those with Nei Lopes), and without partners: Dessa Fruta What Dad Likes, Mama, Look Here For You, For What Fantasy, Which Which ones, Rubro-negro Sound, Widow of Six (beware of this woman / who wants to marry again / she is a widow of six / and with you it will be the seventh time ...).

Other interpreters of his work include Alcione, Agepê, Bezerra da Silva, Neguinho da Beija-Flor, Roberto Ribeiro and Elza Soares. Preparing to celebrate 70 years of age, he was unexpectedly hospitalized in a state hospital, and died of multiple organ failure. His performances were brilliantly intense and theatrical, with gestures in perfect sync with the rhythm of the music, leading the audience to delirium.

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