DIOGO NOGUEIRA (Rio de Janeiro, April 26, 1981)

            This time, the popular saying (fish son, goldfish is) hit squares. The young and talented Diogo, with competence and personality has been standing out in the samba history, like the late father João Nogueira. With a way to play football, he played in the youth teams of Vasco and Fluminense, until becoming a professional in Cruzeiro, Porto Alegre, where he prematurely ended his career suffering serious injury during a training session. She then began singing in the trendy nightclubs in the neighborhood of Lapa.

In December 2005, invited by Beth Carvalho participated in his concert, commemorating 40 years of his career, held at Teatro Municipal / RJ. With the success achieved in his debut, he soon recorded the album Diogo Nogueira ao Vivo (EMI, 2007), when he included in addition to the moving opening Power of Creation, homage to the authors (João Nogueira, Paulo César Pinheiro), other pearls such as Sem You Do not Give (Toninho Geraes, Alceu Maia), Void (Nelson Rufino), Moon of a Poet (Flavinho Silva, Gilson Bernini, Brazil) and the beautiful Trem do Tempo (partner with Ciraninho and Alceu Maia). Portelense de corazón, from 2007 to 2010, won four consecutive sambas of plot, all with the participation of Ciraninho, as well as Júnior Escafura, in three opportunities, among other pairs. Diogo Nogueira made his international debut when he performed at the awards show in Houston in 2008 and added a tour of other American cities.

In 2009, came the second CD Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte (EMI label), in a new repertoire: the title track (Flavinho Silva, Gilson Bernini), Sou I (Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque), Tô Te Querendo (Xande de Pilares, Adalto Magalha, Almir Guineto), Amor Imperfeito (Leandro Fregonesi, Ciraninho), Luz Pra Shilhar My Way (Arlindo Cruz, Jorge David, José Franco Lattari), Trickster It's Trick Mané It's Mané (Neguinho da Beija-Flor). The following year, he recorded Sou Eu: Ao Vivo (EMI label), a remix of several songs from the previous album, and featuring special guest appearances by Alcione, Chico Buarque, Ivan Lins and Hamilton from Holland. Other international shows took place in 2011 and were widely applauded in Paris, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, and later in Lisbon, Havana, when the Cuban group Los Van Van was present. Of the latter, the CD Diogo Nogueira was produced in Cuba: Ao Vivo (EMI, 2012), an exciting repertoire in parade: Chinese Truth (Carlos Colla, Gilson), Ex-Amor (Martinho da Vila), Que Maravilha (Toquinho, Jorge Ben Jor ), Madalena (Ivan Lins, Ronaldo Monteiro), Let Me Love You (Mauro Silva, Camilo, Agepê), What Is What It Is (Gonzaguinha), besides the special moment singing El Cuarto de Tula (Sergio E. Siaba) In duo with the already mentioned Los Van Van, and the closing with expressive pot-pourri of classic sambas. Just applause! The following year, the indefatigable artist, also by the EMI label, released the album Mais Amor, of romantic style, including. Fátima Lima). Then with the Hamilton bandit of Holland was published Bossa Negra (Universal Music, 2014), where are found several rhythms and styles, from the batuque, passage through the choro, bossa nova, to contemporary samba, in tracks like Desde Que O samba He is Samba (Caetano Veloso), Brazil of Today (Diogo Nogueira, Arlindo Cruz, Marcos Portinari, Hamilton of the Netherlands), Risque (Ary Barroso), Mundo Melhor (Pixinguinha, Vinicius de Moraes).

His most recent work, Porta Voz da Alegria (Universal Music, 2015), collects new hits such as Alma Boêmia (Toninho Geraes, Paulinho Resende), A Thousand Per Hour (André Renato, André Rhuan, Gabriel Soares, Lucas Oliveira). Areá (Jorge Vercillo, Paulo César Feital), Not Tô Nessa (Fred Camacho, Leandro Fab, Pretinho da Serrinha) and Passion Beyond the Querer (co-authored by Raphael Richard and Inácio Rios). Diogo Nogueira, a definitive name in the popular music scene, with his remarkable voice, well-dosed rhythm, versatile in the repertoire, always innovates and shines in his journey through popular Brazilian music.

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