CLARA MORENO (Rio de Janeiro, March 13, 1971)

            Like singer Ana Martins, she is the daughter of the already cited Joyce Moreno and Nelson Ângelo. Born in a strictly musical environment, Clara moved to France at the age of 18, where she studied at the CIM School of Popular Music in Paris. In 1991, he had a special guest appearance on Joyce's show at the Théatre de La Ville, hosting regular performances at the old Lionel Hampton Jazz Club. In 1994, when she returned to Brazil, she took part in the album Joyce: among friends (EMI-Odeon), that celebrated 25 years of career and remembered copyright successes such as the mentioned Clareana (presence of the group Boca Livre) and My Cat Rita Lee ( Duet with Clara Moreno).

In 1996, he released his first CD Clara Moreno (Independente, 1996), which featured Alto (Chico Buarque), O Sol Nascerá (Cartola, Elton Medeiros), Details (Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos), Fulano E Beltrano , and others. The following year, he performed successfully in Tokyo with a bossa nova show, which earned him his debut in the Japanese music market with the CD Mutante (Avex Trax, 1998), when he played some American songs, and the national repertoire: Zazueira Jorge Benjor), Banana (Joyce Moreno), Mutante (Rita Lee, Roberto de Carvalho) and Aquele Abraço (Gilberto Gil, Hello Rio version).

In 2002, she participated alongside her sister Ana Martins from the CD Nelson Ângelo: Minas de Miner (Lua Discos), when they performed with her father, her songs Terra À Vista and Quando Eu Vi O Mar (partnerships with Cacaso). While living in São Paulo, he recorded the album Morena Bossa Nova in 2004, playing compositions by bassist Rodolfo Stroeter (Feiticeira), Other Beaches (Celso Fonseca), Solão (Tom Jobim, Alcides Fernandes), Dans Mon Île (Henri Salvador) and the title track (Joyce Moreno). With new conceptions for her work, Clara Moreno launched in 2008 the surprising and exquisite CD Meu Samba Torto (Seal Atração Fonográfica), aimed at an almost intimate rhythm, treated with affection and softness, in tracks like Sabe Quem? (Joao Renato, Joyce), Sei Lá (Nelson Ângelo), Bahia With H (Denis Brean), Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso), Comes Morena Comes (Jorge Ben) and presence of musicians Tutty Moreno (drums), Diogo Figueiredo , Celso Fonseca (guitars), among others. In continuity with her research on samba, the singer goes back to the 60s, in times of sambalanço com bossa nova, shining with the album Miss Balanço (seal Biscoito Fino, 2010), in particular: Deixa A Nega Gingar (Luiz Cláudio), More Valia Do not Cry (Normando Santos, Ronaldo Bôscoli), Balanço Zona Sul (Tito Madi), Samba de Negro (Roberto Corrêa, Sylvio Son), Jugando de Samba (Orlandivo, Celso Murilo). In 2015, Samba Esquema Novo de Novo (Seal Biscoito Fino) presented a new complete reading for the historical Samba Esquema Novo, from 1963, which revealed Jorge Ben, with several pearls like Rain Rain, I Want to Forget You, Because of You Girl . "Note ten" for Clara Moreno, voice talent tuned, charm and sympathy, in the service of samba!

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