ADALTO MAGALHA (Rio de Janeiro, January 9, 1945 - August 6, 2016)

            Created in the neighborhood of Engenho de Dentro, in a family of high musical DNA, Adalto Magalhães Gavião, always listening to Rádio Nacional, and his stars Cauby Peixoto, Emilinha and so many others, was sure that his destiny would be led to the world Of samba. Without playing any instrument, he enjoyed playing lyrics over a hit song. With this peculiar learning, influenced by the sambas of João Nogueira, he began to frequent the already consecrated wheel of Cacique de Ramos, and later the Pagoda of Arlindo.

With all this bump, he met the right people, had his first composition Cruel Society, co-author of Capri (Oh! My brother / leave this life aside / to get a change / use the imagination / freedom is a great investment / in Of a cold cell / more increases the suffering ...) released in the LP The Samba Relaxed of Capri (seal Ark Sound, 1985). At the same time, Almir Guineto in his album Sorriso Novo (RGE label, 1985) was predestined to become his most constant partner and performer, leveraging samba Surrender (Nothing makes me suffer / when I am stretched out in your hands / I can not Measure the dimension / do not leave me lost in this dog world ...), a landmark in the poetic work of Adalto Magalha, a partnership between Guineto and Capri. Then, invited by Arlindo Cruz, he participated in two LPs Explosão do Pagode I and II (CID label, 1986/88), along with other sambistas like Darci Maravilha and the late Cláudio Camunguelo, when the interpreter side was also consolidated, with The sambas Power Source, I Like It So (partnerships with Adilson Victor) and Señor Cidadão (with Acyr Marques) on the album I, and Me Leva Pra Sua Casa (by Joel Teixeira e Sapato), with Shoe and participation by Adalto Magalha e Darci Maravilha, Dom de Compor (with the hand Adilson Gavião), Renascer da Flor (with Sapato and Adilson Gavião) interpreter Sapato, for volume II.

Consecrated in the world of samba, he began to merit recordings of other expressive names such as Elba Ramalho (Corcel Na Tempestade, with Almir Guineto, 1987), Mussum (Truth Expressed with Almir Guineto, 1987), Elymar Santos Almir Guineto, 1989), Jair Rodrigues (Portrait of a Flower, with Noca of Portela, Adilson Gavião, 1989), Jovelina Pérola Negra (Almir Guineto with Almir Guineto, Arlindo Cruz, 1989), Marquinhos Satã (Slowly with Almir Guineto, 1989), Thobias da Vai-Vai (Scenes of Danger with Almir Guineto, 1989), Nelson Rufino (Essence of Solitude with Almir Guineto, 1993), Backyard Fund (Our Fire with Zé Roberto and Adilson Bishop, 1994), Domingos do Estácio (Wedding Invitation, with Pedrinho da Flor, 1995), Noca da Portela (My Mission, with the interpreter, 1998), Beth Carvalho (Love E Festança, partnership with Toninho Gerais, 1999), Joanna (Fonte de Prazer, with Toninho Gerais, 1999), Leci Brandão (Ren With Almir Guineto and Capri, 1999).

In addition to composing sambas, Adalto Magalha signed for Salgueiro: A Case by Chance (with Márcio Paiva, Quinho, 1995 - 5th place), Anarchists Yes, But Not All (with Márcio Paiva, Eduardo Dias, Quinho, 1996 - (With Márcio Paiva, Eduardo Dias, Tico do Gato, Guaracy, Quinho, 1997 - 7th place), as well as other schools, such as Estácio de Sá 1990), Tradition (from 2000 to 2003), Unidos da Tijuca (1998), Unidos do Cabuçu (1987, 1988). Finally Adalto Magalha was rewarded when launching in 2005 his first solo CD Samba de Tradição, where the indisputable talent of composer and performer is recorded in tracks such as Na Hora de Voltar (partnership with Adilson Gavião), Perfume de Champagne (With Almir Guineto), Tá Frio Lá Fora (with Fred Camacho), his already mentioned great success, Rendição (with Almir Guineto and Capri), Passe Bem (with Luverci Ernesto), among other pearls.

It is also worth mentioning as interpreters of his work: Dorina ("Azul do meu Céu", with Almir Guineto, 2003), Eliane Faria ("Banho de Felicidade", with Wilson Moreira, 2003), Diogo Nogueira ("Tô Te Querendo", with Almir Guineto and Xande de Pilar, 2009), Zeca Pagodinho ("Pela Casa Inteira", with Almir Guineto and Fred Camacho, 2010). The photo shows the Saltoiran Adalto Magalha participating in the 1st Pagoda of the Poets, on the school's court. Already in 2014, a new album in the square No Vivo Sem O Samba (independent production), presented a renewed repertoire, such as the title track (by Julio Alves and Carlos Jr.), by Dudu Nobre, Poor Dreamer with partner Arlindo Cruz, Dama (Colegio de Almir Guineto and Cizinho), Bohemian Heat (Almir Guineto, Julio Alves) presence of Guineto. A great launch of those who understand everything about samba, with a lot of rhythm and joy, talking about love, happiness, that we both dream, like and need.

Unexpectedly, during the joy of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Rio samba was saddened by the death caused by the infarction of the celebrated composer. Adalto Magalha performed applauded shows all over Brazil, always renewing creativity, versatility and poetry in his expressive work. A great loss comforted by the thrill of listening to great records and video presentations.

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