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Luiz Carlos de Paula                            Photo: Renato Favilla

He was born in Belo Horizonte in 1942.
The taste for music emerged in the 1950s, at the unforgettable carnival children's dances in the salons of the Automóvel Clube and Minas Tênis Clube, traditional associations of the capital of Minas Gerais. His interest increased in adolescence, as he participated in weekend seraphs on the streets, then quiet, of the city with his night-owls.
On vacation, he liked to accompany his cousin and gym classmate Ronnie Cord (one of the pioneers of national rock) when he visited his father, Hervê Cordovil, a composer and conductor, who lived in São Paulo. He listened, fascinated, the great musician to the piano.
He graduated in Engineering and practiced his profession until he retired. Although he acted in technical area, Luiz Carlos, for his unusual sensitivity, has always been linked to the artistic medium. He had a hobby to wander through the art galleries of his city, becoming a scholar and collector of works of art. But the decisive factor, in order for music to cease to be just the favorite pastime, and become an overwhelming passion, to take it entirely, was its move to Rio de Janeiro. The residence in Ipanema, more than forty years ago, allowed him to live and befriend people inserted in the musical context, and the constant presence in cultural events.
From his retirement in 2004, he can finally devote himself exhaustively to the research on our composers and performers, which resulted in his debut book, and the definitive engagement in the world of Brazilian popular music. In 2015, in the commemorations of the anniversary of Rio de Janeiro, in view of its significant involvement with the city, was honored with the 450 Years of Men's Carioquice Motion, in the plenary of the Câmara dos Alereiros, NET channel 26 - RJ and channel 2 - SP, by the popular variety program Berenice and You .   Luiz Carlos de Paula is among those interviewed in the documentary: Ipanema Girl - The Bar , by actor and filmmaker Carlo Mossy; An exaltation to the Rio`s bohemia, to be released briefly in national circuit.

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