Thus, in continuity to "Pelo Telefone", we outline the profile of other important names of the inexhaustible source of talents of Brazilian popular music (whether deceased or the new generation, consecrated in full activity or little remembered), gathered in interesting thematic frames Periodicals), and presented in alphabetical order. A brilliant parade of stars and stars by the privileged blue sky of our music.
Then we highlight (with several photos) countless composers and performers (by season, genre or style), coming from the most diversified regions of a country of continental dimensions, with varied and creative popular and folkloric manifestations, covering music from the second Half of the 19th century to the present day.
In addition to Part I of the book, for each focused composer, his / her interpreters are presented, the work (solo or in partnership) and other recordings over the years for the music (there highlighted) of its authorship.
In Part II, Popular Music in the History of a Brazilian, we also include the performers and the solo or partnership work of the composers presented.
For the Performers (vocal or instrumental) described in Part III, in a wide range of styles, from the second half of the 19th century onwards the respective repertoire and discography are related.
Shortly afterwards, we describe a brief history for The Phonographic Trade of Brazilian Popular Music when, at the end of 1891, the Czech Frederick Figner, a naturalized American, caused a stir in Belém do Pará, where he presented his unknown sound device called the phonograph. And many waters rolled, until the creation in 1997 of MP3 software, which reproduces and stores music and videos, free of charge, on various Internet sites.
In an effort to contribute to the rescue of the memory of important vinyl records, probably unknown to the current generations, we related from 1951 to the early 1990s a significant Basic Discography of Unpublished Long-Plays CD.
At the conclusion of our trip with countless characters from Brazilian popular music, we chose 42 songs like "Sound Track" from the book "Pelo Telefone", to represent important periods of this glorious history of yesterday, today and forever.


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