Pelo Telefone: a trip through Popular Brazilian Music.

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Carlos Alberto Afonso
 07/12/2010 -
This project "PELO TELEFONE" is absolutely indispensable for the SOCIETY.
The Book must come to it. And not enough to arrive. You have to get WELL. It is necessary to reach the height of SUBJECT, the height of the DEDICATED AND COMPETENT AUTHOR and the height of the great star of all that is the SOCIETY itself.

Zé Katimba
 11/7/2013 -
Luiz Carlos de Paula,
You have the simplicity of the great.
I wish that the people who govern our country had the sensitivity and the vision of the recognition and wisdom of the friend, not only in relation to me, but in a general way in the people who create and recreate Brazilian popular culture. Thanks for the affection and the quotation. Kiss on the heart.

Roberto Luna
 25/2/2014 -
"Greate Luiz Carlos de Paula !!!
I do not know how to start a thank you to such an important exponent in our musical culture.After reading in your message, this" ROSARIO "of important and consecrated names of MPB, I only have to thank You, By the Great Knowledge that has of our musical Universe and put me in the midst of these Celebrities, very much meveve and makes me HAPPY.God Illuminate You More and More and endosse my gratitude to You."

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