DEA TRANCOSO (Almenara / MG, March 27, 1964)

            Born in the region of Vale do Jequitinhonha, where the contrast between poverty and the richness of her popular culture is striking, Alcide Margareth Rocha Trancoso, the daughter of serene parents, grew up with the radio in her ear, touched by the songs of Nelson Gonçalves, Clara Nunes, Inezita Barroso, Clementina de Jesus, as well as the couple Cascatinha and Inhana. He began his artistic career by participating in the Festivale (Festival of Popular Culture of the Jequitinhonha Valley), registered since 1980, always in a different municipality.

In 1989, she won with the song Tuíra, Indian warrior (in partnership with Si Amaral and Celi Márcio), in the musical event in Rubim. In 2002, he made his debut in the music market, with the admirable CD O Violeiro e A Cantora: Chico Lobo and Déa Trancoso, playing songs by his famous companion, as well as classics such as Pinga Fashion "Lavada" (Laureano), Viola Cantadeira (Marcelo Tupinambá ), Estrada do Sertão (João Pernambuco, Hermínio Bello de Carvalho), A Violeiro Toca (Almir Sater, Renato Teixeira). After many years of research, reuniting tradition and contemporaneity, he released his first and exceptional solo CD Déa Trancoso: Tum Tum Tum (independent production - 2006, and in partnership with the label Biscoito Fino - 2010), nominated for the Brazilian Music Award 2007) in the categories of Regional Disco, Regional Singer, Visual Project and Singer Popular Vote. Pure poetry, around rhythms and lovely sounds spread throughout the country, public domain adapted by the singer: Beija-Flor, Queen, Benzim Veloso, My Amô, Canarim do Mato (adapted by Wilson Dias), citing some tracks.

In 2011, CD Serendipity (label Tum Tum Tum) presented Déa Trancoso with her sertaneja soul, vibrant and serene, discovering herself inspired composer and lyricist: Oferenda (... I dress my skirt / in the foam that clears / the drum batuqueia / Gismontiana 2 (... you are the road, the trail of the hunter / and I follow you quietly wherever you go), Cask (one day I wander dressed / only sun / (... and life screams for help / the sun can not stand it anymore / the earth is already in the bone / nor port, nor quay). Flor da Jequi: Déa Trancoso + Paulo Bellinati (Tum Tum Tum label), accompanied by the guitar and exquisite arrangements of the famous partner, his song sings in the right measure in the backlands, cities, towns, roads, at River borders, mountains, anywhere leading poetry, delicacy, joy and passion. It is worth noting, among others, Contradanças (traditional, adaptation with Josino Medina), Flor do Jequi (coautoria of Sérgio Santos), Coco da Véia (traditional, adaptation of Lira Marques), Mestra Diôla (Gonzaga Medeiros).

A well-known singer, with technique and passion, with a rare sensitivity capable of extracting all the hidden beauty of the sertão, rescuing our popular culture from congas and folias, samba wheels and drums, prayers and processions, Déa Trancoso An unparalleled discography of universal values, promoting his singing on stages from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Joinville, Florianópolis, Natal, São Luis, Belém and extending his presentations in countries such as Spain, Portugal , France, Italy, England, Belgium and Holland, all enchanted with their peculiar talent.

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