ANASTÁCIA (Recife / PE, May 30, 1941)

            Created in the Macaxeira neighborhood, as a child, Lucinete Ferreira already dreamed of being a singer. She wore her older sister's clothes, wore a broomstick as a microphone, announced herself and sang to an audience of her friends. He also introduced himself to the washerwomen on the edge of the local weir. In the mid 50's, she was hired by Rádio Jornal do Comércio, as a singer and comedian, effective beginning of her artistic career.

In 1960, he moved to São Paulo, where he met the duo Venancio and Corumba, of prestige at the time, and who had artists from the northeast region. With this relationship, baptized with the stage name of Anastácia, he recorded the rare double compact (Chantecler label, 1960), with the songs "Engagement Long" (Max Nunes) and Chuleado, "The Tip of Deca", "Forfilia" (those by Venâncio and Corumba). Still in the 60's, he released four LPs on the Continental label, with success notably in the Northeast: Anastácia No Torrado (1965), in the repertoire: Do not Do It (Venâncio), Uai Uai (Venâncio, Corumba); Retreat: The Torrado de Anastácia nº 2 (1966), between the tracks: The Success of the Top (Severino Ramos, Alexander Melb), Pulls the Sanfoneiro Bellows (autoral); Sings For The Northeast (1967), includes: In the Hole of Otília (Bargain, Venâncio), Neighbor Neighbor (Olegário Mazzer); Anastacia (1968), presents: Flor de Macaçá (co-author of Rosil Cavalcanti), Saudade de Nordestino (co-author of J. B. de Azevedo). Upon meeting the composer and accordionist Dominguinhos on the television program of master Luiz Gonzaga, they became companions, participated in an artistic caravan promoted by the King of Baião, and partners around 200 songs.

In 1971, he released the LP Anastácia: Torrão de Ouro, with special mention for the signatures with Dominguinhos: Lamento de Saudade, Torrão de Ouro, Quem Guarda com Famo Gato Cat, Coração Todinho, Recuerdo Ceará. The greatest success of the pair came in 1973, when Gilberto Gil recorded Eu Só Quero Um Xodó (Philips label), which has leveraged countless other performers to this day. In 1977, in the album Anastácia (Arlequim) signed, among others: It's Just Pena Que Flies, Ciranda On the Sea, Vicio Gostoso. The following year, Anastácia LP was released: Você É Meu Xamêgo (Seal Pierrot / Harlequim) of new partnerships with Dominguinhos, such as: Forró do Zé Perrita, Forró do Zé Lagoa, I am Headquarters, Delicias do Ceará, among other pearls.

The 1980s began with his participation in the Pixinguinha Project, alongside Jackson do Pandeiro and compatriot Cátia de França, debuting at the Teatro Dulcina / RJ, with the right to presentations in several other cities in the Southeast and South regions of the country. The discography of the indefatigable singer, Anastácia (Arlequim, 1980) continued, in which besides the baião Tribute to Luiz Gonzaga, it includes the embolada The Increase of the Milk (Venâncio, Geraldo Nunes), and the xaxado Brown Knight (author); A Fulô do Forró (Sertanejo / Chantecler, 1981), sings: Let's dance the Xote (coautoria of Oscar Barbosa), A Fulô do Forró, Moreno of My Dreams (author), Forró dos Coroas (with Zé Lagoa); Cheinho de Amor (Sertanejo / Chantecler, 1982), shows: Canteiro da Saudade (author), Solitaire Heart "Cheinho de Amor" (Taioca da Zabumba), Woman with M Grande (partnership with Liane), Eu Quero Um Xodó OfDominguinhos); 30 years of Forró (Musicolor / Continental, 1985), to celebrate the event, presented: Sanfoneiro de Pé de Serra (co-author of Dominguinhos), Vozes da Seca (Luiz Gonzaga, Zé Dantas) Belchior's participation, Amor Na Rede Nunes), Sorte Tirana (co-author of Ciriaco); I Want You For Me (Chantecler, 1987), totally author, it's worth mentioning: I Live Long (with Geraldo Luiz), Our Love Burned In The Bonfire and the track that lends the name to the album; She has to Stir to Sweeten (CID, 1988), interprets: For Machucar (coautoria of Liane), Passa Lá At Home (partnership of Renato Moreno), Has to Stir to Sugar (coautoria of Zezum), Fricoteiro do Amor Walnut). In 1992, with arrangements and regency of Oswaldinho do Acordeom, another good moment of the singer appeared with the album Saudade Matadeira (Discos Kid), featured: Pra Onde Tu Vais (co-author of Edmilson Silva), Every Time I Want You More, Send A Ticket (author), and the track that gives name to the disc (co-authoring of Dominguinhos). The following year, he recorded Anastácia: he is part of the love (seal RGE), with new partnerships: Edmilson Silva (Your Destiny is Traced, Our Love is Over, Part of Love), besides Sense Sanfona (with Dominguinhos).

In 1995, the album Heart of Woman (seal Crescent / Candles) featured in romantic songs: I Do not Want You More, Love Afternoon, This Night I Want You (coautoria by Oscar Barbosa). The dawn of the new century marked the reunion with Dominguinhos, after almost twenty years of absence, with CD Anastácia: Xodó do Brasil (CPC-UMES, 2000): an anthological re-read of the duo for Eu Só Quero Um Xodó / The singer offers us with the lyrics A Pillow Alone, I Want To Give You Love, besides a potpourri of xotes I Lament For Saudades, Disillusion, Of Love I Will Die (those of Anastácia, Dominguinhos). The following year he recorded the CD Anastácia: Seresta (Independente), a more rhythmic beat for some songs and other novelties such as Carta Queimada and Amor de Minha Vida.

In 2006, new CD Anastácia (seal Harlequin) celebrated inspired unpublished and authorial compositions: Será Que É Amor, Gosto de Amor, Meu Jeito Simples, Meu Amor Tenha Dó, Não Dou Meu Perdão, Vendaval de Paixão, O Sono Não Vem (those with Liane), Forró É Bom Demais (with Domingos Nogueira), Arrasta-Pé da Alegria (with Oscar Barbosa), among others. The Queen of Forró presents her subjects in another CD Ave de Arribação (Genesis / Harlequim label), worth mentioning some jewels: Não Quer Saber de Mim, Amor Na Fogueira, Alma de Poeta (Coauthories Of Liane), Ave de Arribação, Se Meus Olhos Falassem (those with Dominguinhos), Forró do Piauí (with Nivaldo do Acordeom and Liane) participation of the singer Luiz Wilson.

Anastacia, with a frank and spontaneous smile, with her joyful and melodious song, vibrant and malicious, consecrated author and interpreter, faithful to her northeastern roots, spread the country beyond all the sertanejo enchantment.

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