SOCORRO LIRA (Brejo da Cruz / PB - January 30, 1974)

            Raised in rural areas, she listened to viola singing on the radio, her mother Benedita with her stories, songs and aboio and participated in forrós. When she attended school, Maria do Socorro Pereira became interested in reading, especially in cordel literature, and dreamed of being a writer. Around 1988, he went to the city, became involved in popular movements, becoming a leader of the student body of the college. Her amusement was television, charmed by Sunday's music programs.

She became a teacher and was aware of the serious social problems of the Brazilian people. Later, he entered the State University of Paraiba, Campina Grande, graduating in 2000 in Social Psychology. He then began studying guitar at the UFPB Arts Department. During this period, he made contact with the singers, dancers and players from Caiana do Crioulos, in Alagoa Grande. Signing as Socorro Lira (because of his father Zé Lira), in 2001 he produced his first album Cantigas, a journey laden with reality and poetry in his compositions, such as the Cantata, the Remembrance, the Saga de Retirante, the epic baião On the Roads of the Northeast, where she gives her final message (... Dignity is my name / surname is Nordestina / I am a partner of truth / I am from girl / to me, to my land / I want complicity / I am enemy of war / e Lover of freedom). With the second CD Cantigas de Bem-Querer (Independente, 2003), Socorro Lira once again highlights the beauty of the suffering and fearless sertanejo in poignant and romantic songs such as Guarana Arrebol, the waltz Sing and Smile (Rogaciano Leite lyrics), The toada Mestre Sabiá (... If today I already know how to sing / from the corner you made me an heiress / I miss my good day / the last hour / and I'll visit / in the shadow of the old palm tree), the baião À Moda do Umbuzeiro , Among other pearls.

The following year, he moved to São Paulo, meeting the Brazilian Memory Institute (IMB), founded on the basis of a collection of folk and popular music by Francisco de Assis Ângelo, a journalist and writer from Brazil. In 2006, the singer and composer presented the significant CD Intersection (Independente), accompanied by the musicians Antonio Vaz Lemes (piano), Cintia Zanco (violin), Adriano de Castro Meyer (viola), Ana Eliza Colomar (cello and flute), Jorge Ribass (guitar of six and twelve), Fernando Deghi (Brazilian guitar), Olívio Filho (accordion), Cássia Maria (percussion), Valmir Rosa (fiddle), among others, in versatile repertoire, Fado Amália, the xote Entre Estrelas, the reisado Chegança, and others. The following year, he launched As Liras Pedem Socorro, the support of the former IMES (Municipal Institute of Higher Education) of São Caetano do Sul (SP), with new and poetic compositions: the toada of Things That Time Told Was passion, today is dust / on the roadside of living / what was a great love is end of fair / is rest at any price to sell ...), xote Repair, the song Rios Cortam Minh'Alma ( ... the field that was dry / of green covered / dressed so satisfied / with the rain that fell ...), the song One Sentiment. In 2009, the CD No Terreiro of Casa de Mãe Joana (Independent) Socorro Lira invites to the popular festivities of the interior of the country in own songs such as "Jockey de Roda", "Mãe Preta", besides the coconut wheel "Sereno de Amor" , The ijexá Headquarters of Love (Carlos Olympio, Antônio Costa).

An extraordinary album celebrating the centenary of the immortal countryman Zé do Norte, was released by Socorro Lira in 2010, with new independent production: Lua Bonita - Musical Project of Paraíba. Among the many gems (arrangements and musical direction of the Júlio Caldas baiano), we can highlight: Coconut Meu Pião, Flor do Campo (Elba Ramalho), the international lullaby Mulher Rendeira (traditionally collected by Zé do Norte), the Coco Sings the Net (Zé do Norte, Waldemar Gomes) presence of Sandra Belê, the song-choro São Jorge E A Lua (participation of Zé Paulo Medeiros), the entwining toad Sodade Meu Bem Sodade (invited Vanja Orico), the coconut Sapato Of Cotton, the carimbó will see who has arrived and the beautiful xote Lua Bonita (Zé do Norte, Zé Martins) guest Geraldo Azevedo. Undoubtedly, with the album Socorro Lira was awarded the 23rd edition of the Brazilian Music Award, as Best Singer in the regional category. Also in 2010, the important album "Cores do Atlântico" was published: cantigas de amigo Galician-Portuguese (seal Pai Music in partnership with the Galician-Portuguese cultural association Ponte ... nas Ondas!), Which divulges and recovers intangible heritage of practices Common to the regions of northern Portugal and Galicia, in the Iberian peninsula, coming from medieval times to the present day. The researcher Ria Lamaire, from the University of Poitiers in France, addresses women composers, who sang their songs during the long and arduous day of work, and analyzes their origins, structure and rhythm. With the exquisite and innovative work of Socorro Lira, from the one hundred old and beautiful songs collected of love, wishes, longing, sensual and amusing, sixteen were selected and updated within the Brazilian contemporary matrix, with incursions for Galician, Portuguese and African rhythms. With brazilian and overseas interpreters, we can mention some of them, such as: Vamos Samba (participation of Eneida Marta from Guinea Bissau), the São Simão waltz (Socorro Lira), the song Digas Filha (duo com Cida Moreira) The Samba Dance Daughter (participation of Uxía, from Galicia), the Ciranda Ondas do Mar de Vigo (accompanied by the Ciranda de Caiana dos Crioulos, Paraíba), De Bom Parecer (participation of Leilía, from Galicia) and Levanta Amigo Portuguese João Afonso).

In 2012, the singelo CD dealt with the delicacy (Independent) has the singer João Pinheiro as guest and romantic themes, presented in the softness of beautiful songs such as Delicado, Fragile, Serenade, Modinha para una Viola Sem Concerto, and many others. The following year, the already mentioned IMB, with repertoire research and texts by Francisco de Assis Ângelo, released the exceptional album O Samba do Rei do Baião: Socorro Lira and Oswaldinho do Acordeom (Genesis Music), with songs lesser known by Luiz Gonzaga : All É Baião (with Zé Dantas), Maxixe Bamboleado (with Miguel Lima), Osvaldinho da Cuíca's vocal performance, Ai Ai Portugal (with Humberto Teixeira), Portuguese singer Susana Travassos, Aboio Apaixonado (Luiz Gonzaga ), Doubt (with Domingos Ramos) accompanied by the singer Ventura Ramirez, Calango da Lacraia (with J. Portela) in duo with Papete. It is to always be heard and applauded. Concerned about the environmental problems that threaten our planet, and particularly the Amazon, in 2014, Amazon: Between Waters and Deserts, a new masterpiece, a hymn of love for the green, rivers, flora and fauna of the region, recorded by its Charming voice, with arrangements and musical direction of maestro Jorge Ribbas: Let Live (Socorro Lira) poignant verses: ... let me live in peace / let it be able to understand / have no river, no more fish to eat ..., among other pearls, such as Saga da Amazônia (Vital Farias), Recipe For A Cafuné According Nega Xixiquinha Riá Caxango (Socorro Lira, José Eduardo Agualusa), Uirapuru, Tamba-tajá (those by Waldemar Henrique). Also in that year, he concluded his project started in 2011, when he visited Mozambique, Ghana and South Africa (people and landscapes similar to those of the Brazilian backlands), producing the EP Os Sertões do Mundo, with two original and unpublished songs: Didactic Poem (Mozart's letter Mia Couto) and Fino Poema (Dominguinhos's participation in the accordion) .Socorro Lira, singer and songwriter with a refined and soft voice, good to listen, unites technique and heart in works of pure poetry, of indescribable beauty, Rescues all the enchantment of our folklore in their traditional songs and dances.

Always attentive, confident and motivated by the aspirations of a fairer life (especially in the poor and abandoned regions), she shares her art in the country, admired internationally, mainly from the already commented Project Colors of the Atlantic, when she commanded with great charm and joy The applauded launching show on the paradisiac island of St. Simon in Galicia. In just fifteen years of artistic career, told from his debut album, with dedication and hard work he realizes his dreams of a sensitive and mature child.

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